CBD : 5 Amazing Things You Need to Know? Live Longer!

So the first thing that we want to talk about number one, what a CBD and is it legal? We all know the medicinal benefits of cannabis, the main two components in cannabis: the main two cannabinoids are THC and CBD.

Cbd is a way to get all the health benefits and the medicinal properties of cannabis without having to sacrifice your your your cognitive state, in a way that might you know, hamper your work ability CBD actually has most of the same medicinal benefits of THC, but just Without the high and it’s the medicinal stuff that is in a more concentrated form, yes, like you’re, not getting as much CBD yeah from traditional okay, yes smoke, so you got cannabis and you got him so cannabis is actually very strong, very concentrated in THC, a very Low concentration of CBD, industrial hemp is actually very high in CBD, but very, very low, if not anything of THC.

So actually a lot of the CBD comes from industrial hemp. It actually doesn’t come from cannabis lucky for us and lucky for a lot of people that are that need the medicinal benefits of cannabis, while CBD legality can vary from state to state CBD is not only legal in Missouri, but it’s also legal on a federal level. They actually just passed a new farm bill that was an update from the 2014 farm bill, completely removed it from the controlled substance act.

Is it legal? Yes, however, do be smart about it? This stuff, especially our flour and our pre-rolled items, do look a lot like the quote: unquote real deal, so I recommend that the customers leave that in the package until they arrive at their home, if it does feel a little disjointed. Yeah studies have shown that CBD reduces pain, inflammation anxiety, depression, migraines seizures, IBS psychosis and mental disorders and nausea.

So, thirdly, how is CBD take it? You have sublingual. Sublinguals are a quick way to get in your bloodstream, usually just drops under the tongue. Topicals creams, balms. There’S even patches that are great for muscle and joint pain. Then you have your pills. Pill form is great capsules, really quick and easy way. No hassle, no frills way to take CBD. Then you have your edibles. Edibles are delicious, there’s all different kinds of edibles vape, available form of CBD can be great for somebody who’s already using an e-cig or already has a vaporizer that they’re using on a daily basis, and when it comes to flower, we have the jars of loose flour.

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We have the roll-your-own kit that has the filters and papers included, and then we have the pre-roll. We have regular pre-roll and then we actually have a Keith and honey rolled. Pre-Roll concentrates, concentrates, include, wax shatter crumble, any sort of concentrated CBD, isolates and CD is also pet. Safe. There are specific products designed just for pets. You could also take a sublingual, that’s meant for human consumption and give that, in small doses, to your pet, either through their water or in their food meow.

The fourth thing is: how much CBD do I take? We always recommend in your starting dose. You should usually start about 25 to 50 milligrams and then kind of go from there start a little smaller work, your way up and just see what works for you. It’S not uncommon for people to take upwards of a hundred to two hundred. You can’t really overdose on C.B.D, so take it, you know if you want to start at a hundred start at one hundred, if you think that’s what you’re going to need.

One good thing to know if you are using any kind of sublinguals or anything like that with the dropper most droppers are one mill per dropper, so you can figure out hey. I’Ve got a 30ml bottle, it’s got a thousand milligram of CBD and you just divide that a thousand by 30 mils and that’s basically how much each dropper will be. So the fifth and final thing that we’re going to talk about will I pass my drug test with CBD? Yes, you will.

However, some CBD products do have trace amounts of THC in them, the legal limit for CBD products is 0.3 percent or less THC. A lot of the products that we carry are 100 % CBD, pure CBD, or isolates isolated zvt if it says full spectrum, that’s where you get into that gray area where yeah I’d include something like that and the flower and and yes again, it’s very trace amounts. But if you are using C.B.D on a regular basis at all, I would recommend sticking with isolates and pure CBD and stay away from the flowers and the multi spectrums in the full spectrums.

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Now quality is a huge factor, know where you’re getting your stuff from know where your shops getting their stuff from if you’re into C.B.D. At all, you know the names like green rose and fresh leaf and summit stuff, like that, that’s what we carry. So it’s all lab tested, most products, aren’t only just lab, tested, they’re, double and triple lab tested and keep in mind, even if you’re at the point three percent you’re not going to get high from it.

On the other hand, if you’re not getting drug tested, the multi spectrums are fantastic. They have what they call an entourage effect because you’re getting all those camp cannabinoids to work together. All that synergistic stuff going on aside just all they say all the harder right, pretty role in the flower stuff. It’S some of the best stuff for anxiety and insomnia, sleep disorder, sleep IDI, is an excellent way to go for SSanxiety, alright guys.

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