I Tried CBD Oil For A Week For My Anxiety, CBD Vape Pen and Tincture Review

by cbdwashere

This is going to be about CBD, so Lily haven’t taken this CBD vape in because then I’m going to say into CBD, tincture known as CBD oil. So what you want to do is they recommend you to take it two times a day and so I’ll. Take this one in the morning and I’d be for us on my day, and it’s like this one, a night for relaxation relaxation.

So what is CBD alright, so CBD is basically weed. You know you have your CPD every THC Jaycees will give you high. You know that cycle active filling whatever he’s called so you see that high and which is never been my thing, I’m never going to smoke her and I hate feeling that high. I hate I probably smoke three times in my life, who, like a little bit, it’s crazy, the senator, might think um. So I all my life – I’ve been struggling anxiety, high school high school college, which I’m in college right now, and so with my anxiety, I also have my driving anxiety, not that I’m like never someone on the road, but, like you just I just get like this.

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I fight off. You know if you heard a fighter flight like it like this final flight, filling my eyes: tour myself, skin and blurry when I’m driving it’s weird and what is crazy about it is I don’t get nervous when I’m public speaking but I enjoy. I actually enjoy public speaking, so it’s really crazy. I also do a little acting and modeling. So when I’m on set, it’s crazy, like you have cameras all around you, but I don’t get nervous.

I’M like in the element – I don’t totally speaking our mom on set or in the gym. I don’t have no anxiety like it’s crazy but like when I’m doing like I could just be walking down the street. I could be just going to the movie exactly just be walking to another class and my anxiety just starts flaring up. So what happens with my anxiety is my heart starts racing for years. I had no idea what was going on so my heart starts.

Racing Maya starts getting crazy. Blair is a wild minute. I thought something was wrong with my eyes until I went to my heart like there and he was telling me that that was wrong. Who am I so he’s kind of like wondering what is going on? So he’s put me on all kinds of things and I’ll go into that on another article, and so there wasn’t type to my symptoms like most of us, we type in our symptoms that we find out what about the dad either.

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So I’ll tend to my symptoms. Awesome today, anxiety that I’ve seen all the sudden for anxiety and I had like all of them. It was crazy with me. I get a lot of visual anxiety to what I get kind of like tunnel vision and my vision starts getting blurry. So, what’s cool it’s a lot of subject, but what’s cool is my manager at my work? He had these look II struggles with anxiety. He takes CBD, so he like doesn’t put me in a certain situation that he knows my anxiety over foot up.

Alright, so yeah. That’S kind of like my story, my background with suffering anxiety, my parents, my sisters, they still are kind of like on the back burner and confused on like what it is, which is understandable because you know if it’s not like something physical, you can’t see a lot Of people don’t understand which I’m with a gun before, but let’s get into the CBD of a pill, alright, so that the CBD vape in I like it, because it hits you quicker the lady would we have a shopping mall.

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